About Therapy

Therapy is essentially a careful conversation between you and the therapist. You bring your own story and emotions to the discussion and my role as the therapist is to ask questions so that both of us gain a better understanding of your situation. There is strong research evidence to suggest that increased understanding of a situation and enhanced coping strategies can help a person to arrive at a healthier, more peaceful place.  

The Goals of Therapy

As a therapist, I have two main objectives:
  1. Help you to better understand the issues that you are facing and
  2. Maximize your ability to deal with those issues.


Developing Understanding

Often just making sense of a situation and reflecting on events is helpful on its own. Of course, we all live our lives in a social context. Our families, friends, work, culture, and community impact our lives positively and negatively. I help you to consider how these aspects of your life might be relevant to the issues that you are facing.  

Helping You to Maximize Your Ability to Deal with Life’s Challenges

I will also make sure to highlight your personal strengths. Often people that are feeling overwhelmed tend to focus on only the negatives and are not able to recognize coping tools that they are already using. In some difficult situations, having someone to help you with problem-solving might improve your situation. As well, I might be able to suggest some new skills or other ways to look at your situation so that you can manage it more effectively. In generating ideas, I draw on my training, research and therapy experience to guide you to a more positive place.